Dreaming Tomorrow [RD.7]

Black & I made a 60 page Megaten fanbook for Anime LA 2013! It’s called AMALA MIDNIGHT and features 60 pages of comics and illustrations that feature Persona 2-4 but also encompasses all Shin Megami Tensei series, even the original Megami Tensei! Price is tentatively $20 and you can pick it up at Black and Shihfu's table located here.

The comics included are:

Persona 2: Virginal Damnation" by Black, "The Super Wanton Violence in Amala Midnight Fight Championship 2012" and "Welcome to the Persona 3" by me. Black’s Persona 2 comics are great and I laughed pretty hard at them! They feature lots of good Tatsuya x Jun action along with Tatsuya x everyone in the P2s. Meanwhile my Super Amala Midnight Fight comic is the one I’ve been working on for a while and it’s 27 pages long and even has ALIGNMENT ENDINGS depending on which 4 panel comics you enjoyed. The Persona 3 comic is a comic I submitted to the Digital Devil zine and originally drew in 2008 but now it’s here remastered in one giant package!

Come check it out along with all of Black and Shihfu’s other good stuff! I’ll probably be around there too hanging out so if you see me, feel free to say hi. Also we might sell the book online later but nothing’s planned yet so send a friend to pick up a copy for you if you want to read it now!!

And thanks to Ashura for his help putting the book together and making us a cool logo!

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